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Customizing Your New Pole(s)!

Colored Composite Reinforced, highest quality Aircraft grade Aluminum!
All Year Round Multi-Sport Use: 1 sets of poles for Skiing, Snowshoeing, Trekking, Walking, & more!
Selectably AntiShock or Fixed Position, Adjustable Length Tri-sectional Position Poles with Quick Change Baskets
$49.00 to $89.00

.Colors from Left to Right: White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Dark Green, Light Brown , Gray, Blue, Purple, Light Blue

Common Camo Colors

...............Colors from Left to Right: White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Dark Green, Gray, Light Brown , Blue, Purple, Light Blue, *Silver, *Gold
...........Shown Above: All Standard Colors
(up to 3 colors are available per pole). Custom Colors are available (we color match!).





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Standard adjustable section color: Black

Proudly Hand Crafted in USA!

We Ship to all countries World-Wide!


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Our Lightest Weight AntiShock Pole
*** just 10.1oz ***:
Includes Uncolored Trisectional pole, Super Lightweight Handle, round basket, Super Tough Carbide Tip, & Standard Strap
Each Pole comes with Super Tough Carbide Tip Footer & Rubber Boot
Each pole come Standard with your choice of removeable/swapable Baskets (all baskets unscrew off poles and can be replaced/changed to other type)
Each pole comes with your choice of Handle Straps
A note from our legal team:
Soller Composites, LLC assumes no responsibility for the use, misuse, and/or results of any materials, product(s), information, and/or suggestions. Customers are strongly encouraged to, and should/must, research the proper safe use of all products and determine the suitability of each product for his or her individual use and/or application(s). By purchasing product(s) from Soller Composites, LLC customer(s) agree to: use product(s) only for intended purposes, understand & use product(s) with care - espically the tip (in particular) of the poles since they are intended to be sharp and may (if not used with caution) cause injury, assume all responsibilty for use of the poles by minors, & test each pole prior to each use to confirm that each section is locked in place & will withstand the pressure/weight/conditions/etc needed for the required use/application. Purchase of product(s) from Soller Composites, LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms and any and all liability under any and all circumstances.  Soller Composite, LLC's, its owner(s), partnes, and/or employees sole responsibility and/or liability are limited to the replacement of product or refund of purchase price.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.