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Circumference Definition - The length completely around the outide of a circle or object
Diameter Defintion -The total length across the center of a *perfectly round circle

*When calculating the diameter of an object that is not a perfectly round circle, use the tool above by entering the circumference of the object to determine the "effective" diameter.

Composite Heat Shrink Tubing

Professional Looking Shafts Made Easy!

Using our (Patent Pending) Specially Designed Heat-Shrink Tubing for Creating Finished Composite Shafts

Shrink tubing stretches very little, so (for ex.) a  1.8" diameter shaft should actually use the next size (a .4" or a 3.1" composite shrink tube).  A 1.25" diameter shaft should use a 1.6" diameter shrink tube.


The tubing shrinks very little lengthwise. Allow 1inch for every 10ft.

< ---Watch the Shrink Tubing video Here

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